For Traders

KEYCOpy is an exclusive feature that is developed to copy trader's transactions. You don't need to use any investors API keys anymore. Investors will connect to your trading service personally.
To start a trading copy service, you need to unlock this feature by holding 30 000 KEC in your KEYCO wallet.

❝We recommend you to create separate accounts on the exchanges for using KEYCOpy Platform.❞



➤ download KEYCOpy Wallet (trader)
Coming Soon

➤ create a new address:

./keyco-cli getnewaddress trader

➤ deposit 30 000 KEC in your KEC address (to activate Trader KEC Node)
+ add at least min 100 KEC(gas) to transmit signals


add API key

➤ How to create API - Binance

➤ add API Key (Reading Mode) in your KEC wallet, you don't need to give Withdrawal permission:

./keyco-cli addacc trader APIkey APIsecret
(e.g. ./keyco-cli addacc trader H5j4g6yjlpi2ngf89ghmtg5 Vh5j8i8l0yv34h452d90cnm48gFH6M7)


Publish trader KEC address

➤ publish trader KEC address and monthly subscription price (the ability to revoke access any time)



➤ trade on your exchange account or terminal

Get rewards in KEC or BTC!

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