For Investors

Crypto Trading can be a complex endeavour. To achieve success in this dynamic market traders require skills, strategies and trading experience.

Copy trading is simply that: investors copy the trades of successful traders. This option would perfectly fit to beginners and those who are not willing or not able to analyze the market.

❝We recommend you to create separate accounts on the exchanges for using KEYCOpy Platform. We don't recommend to perform trades in these accounts using other services or manually, because it can lead to errors.❞



➤ download KEYCOpy Wallet Linux (investor)

➤ download KEYCOpy Wallet WIN64 (investor)

➤ Linux: create a new address:

./keyco-cli getnewaddress investor

➤ WIN: add your API key/secret (Enable Trading Mode)



add API key

➤ register a separate account in Binance, make a deposit
- USDTbot recommended 900 USDT + 1BNB (Trading Fees 0.0750%)
- BTCbot recommended 0.1 BTC + 1BNB (Trading Fees 0.0750%)

➤ how to create API - Binance
add API key/secret (Enable Trading Mode) in your KEC wallet, you don't need to give Withdrawal permission:

./keyco-cli addacc investor APIkey APIsecret
(e.g. ./keyco-cli addacc investor 0vr6h5hb545v45g7b1239gmi34h Umdkonr98v34ovrgdfGgtny5f4w3fmv)


./keyco-cli getacc investor


Choose a trader

➤ choose a Trader

➤ deposit KEC in your KEC address (trader monthly subscription price)
(e.g. KnHoEAgfLPA3BQKxtbUGWFLbb1gtTboLRJ)



➤ subscribe to signal Trader (send KEC to Trader KEC address), you can unsubscribe at any time

./keyco-cli subscribetradesignal KECaddressTRADER investor
(e.g. ./keyco-cli subscribetradesignal KnHoEAgfLPA3BQKxtbUGWFLbb1gtTboLRJ investor)


./keyco-cli listsubscriptions



➤ send payment to KECaddressTRADER
(e.g. ALT/BTCbot KobPmNdttpUEzMAhocRviEfQrZGLb3M2h3)

./keyco-cli sendpayment KobPmNdttpUEzMAhocRviEfQrZGLb3M2h3 yourKECaddress amount month

(e.g. ./keyco-cli sendpayment KobPmNdttpUEzMAhocRviEfQrZGLb3M2h3 yourKECaddress 2000 3)


./keyco-cli listsubscriptions

"subsription" : "KobPmNdttpUEzMAhocRviEfQrZGLb3M2h3 my address: yourKECaddress payed"

"not payed" -> "payed"

Take a profit!

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